The Bottlegreen Collection

Bringing you delicious drinks,
no matter what time of day


Enjoy the great taste of summer with our deliciously fruity new flavours.

Our plump summer raspberry cordial and sparkling pressé are perfect for those long, balmy evenings providing a deliciously refreshing lift. For something extra special add a dash of cordial to a cold glass of prosecco. Cordial available in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and pressé available in Waitrose and Tesco.

New coconut water & lime twist cordial transports you to a tropical island where you can sit back, relax and explore our perfect exotic partnership. Available in Waitrose


Light, healthy hydration and less than 50 cals per can. The Bottlegreen Sparkling Infusions range offers 3 great flavours...

Delicate elderflower, refreshing coconut and Raspberry & Pomegranate. Each 250ml slim-line can is thirst-quenching and make a great accompaniment to any light lunch.


Our sparkling pressé range offers a wonderful world of flavours which can be enjoyed with friends, at home in 750ml bottles or with your meal whilst eating out in a 275ml serving.


We have 7 great flavours in our cordial range from our original and well-loved hand-picked Elderflower to a rich and warming Winter Spiced Berry which is delicious when added to hot water.

Each of our cordials taste great with sparkling or still water, they also make a fabulous addition to many cocktails and softails.


Our 175ml tonic waters are available at many bars and restaurants throughout the UK and are fantastic when teamed with premium spirits or delicious on their own.

Our classic and light tonic waters are perfect for G&T fans as they work with the botanicals in gin, or for a delicious twist try our elderflower and pink tonic water in a cocktail!