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Putting the green into bottlegreen

Caring for the environment is extremely important to us and we pride ourselves on working in the most environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient way possible. So far we have taken the following measures (and we are always looking to do more):

Production Facility

To make our production factory as eco-friendly as possible, we have designed a unique water recovery system. This enables us to use recycled water to rinse and sterilise our bottles before we use them. This one improvement has helped to reduce our water consumption by five million litres per year.

What’s more, all of our electricity is sourced from an eco-friendly, 100% renewable source. All factory machines use high efficiency variable speed motors, which has reduced our electricity consumption by more than 25%.


We don’t like to waste materials at bottlegreen, so any faulty or used bottle caps, along with any cardboard waste, plastic wrap, glass, steel drums and scrap paper are sent for recycling. We also return all of our wooden pallets to our suppliers so they can be used again. Our plastic barrels are sold to local residents as garden water butts, with all the money being donated to our local charity, Winston’s Wish.


As a local food producer we try to source as many of our products and ingredients locally to help reduce food miles. The water we use to blend our cordials and pressés is drawn from our own well on site. In addition, all of bottlegreen’s glass bottles are made in the UK, resulting in a saving of 260,000 road miles per year.


Our entire central heating system (in the factory and main office) is controlled by a thermostat and time clock, which has helped to reduce bills by over 60%. All non-essential equipment is also switched off over night and/or at the weekend


As our products are distributed across the UK we aim to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions and road miles where possible. By switching to a local distribution company, we saved over 30,000 road miles.  And all of our distribution lorries now run on a 20% bio diesel mix, helping to reduce fossil fuel consumption and lower our carbon footprint. We also work to ensure our lorries are always carrying their maximum capacity to reduce total delivery numbers.

These are just some of the positive steps we have taken to lower our carbon footprint and protect the environment. To find out more about them, visit / or to find out how you can help, too.

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