Blackberry & Hibiscus Refresher

Blackberry & Hibiscus Refresher

A refreshing and fruity favourite that can be crafted with gin, vodka, or white rum for an alcoholic beverage, and even prepared as a jug to share or serve, it’s the perfect option for all your seasonal get-togethers. Enriched with bottlegreen’s Blackberry, Apple & Sloe Cordial, it infuses hedgerow favourites including juicy blackberries, tart sloe berries and hand-picked elderflowers.



1 hibiscus teabag (can be made also with dried hibiscus/hot water and strain after 5 minutes)
15ml bottlegreen Blackberry, Apple & Sloe Cordial
Juice of 1 whole medium-size lemon approx. 60ml

GLASS: 12oz Highball

How to make

Add bottlegreen Blackberry, Apple & Sloe Cordial, top with freshly boiled water. Add hibiscus tea bag and leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Allow to cool. Add bramble hibiscus tea into ice-filled shaker with lemon juice (add white spirit for alcoholic serve) Shake well. Pour over ice in a tall glass.

*Hibiscus tea can be made with dried hibiscus, hot water and strained


For hot serve, use recipe above without still/sparkling water by leaving the teabag over time will continue to infuse and evolve in flavour.

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